Vintage Bible Style Leather Journal

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She put her bible down and thought for a moment.

She loved reading stories from the bible and how it got her thoughts going.

She reached out and picked up her special journal.

She held it for a while …

She loved the feel of the soft leather cover.

She used the thumb from her other hand to feel down the gold coloured edges of the pages.

She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes and opened her journal.

Picked up a pen and started to write the thoughts that had started streaming into her mind.

When her pen stopped she’d written non stop for several pages.

She closed it carefully.

She set the journal down carefully next to her bible…

The A5 Vintage Bible Style Journal has a golden halo with 240 blank pages. It has a soft faux leather cover. Dimensions are length 21.5 cm, width 14.5 cm and thickness is 4.5 cm

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