Vintage A5 Hobbit Journal

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I was about 8 or 9.

I was sitting in class one day and my teacher came up to my table. He showed me a book and said that he wanted me to read it. It was a thick book.

I looked at the books that everyone else had which were all small. He said to me that he was giving me this book because I was a good reader and he wanted to give me something more challenging.

I just thought why am I being punished. I wanted a small book like everyone else. The name of the book was The Hobbit.

I didn’t know then how famous this book was or that some 40 years later I would be eager to watch it on the big screen. This Hobbit Journal with 224 pages is ideal for me to record my childhood memories.

So many colours to choose from Red, Black, Gold and Purple. With the amount I’ll be writing I think I’ll get through all 4.

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Black, Orange, Purple, Red


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